Security Containers

We provide our customers with highly secure locking containers for scheduled services at no charge.

27" Console

27”h x 19”w x 19”d

42 lbs

Approx. 60 lbs of paper

27 inch Console

36" Console

36”h x 19”w x 19”d

65 lbs

Approx. 90 lbs of paper

36 inch Console

65 Gallon Cart

46.38”h x 25.25 ”w x 26.38 ”d

47 lbs

Approx. 240 lbs of paper

Bigger Bin

Our customers have asked and now we've delivered! - Personal Document Containers

It’s not only a more attractive alternative to 27 ” and 36 ” consoles, it’s also a lot more economical. With fully concealed hinges and a double lipped lid, the Personal Desk Container seals tightly and securely.

Desk Contianer Are your employees storing sensative documents in open boxes in their work area? Our Personal Desk Containers can be a key component to a corporate document destruction policy. Small, mobile and easy-to-use, PDCs conveniently fit under desks, allowing for immediate disposal and enhanced security. These locking durable containers help reduce discretionary decisions of employees as to what should be shred and recycled by having it right at their desks.

Dimensions (in): 20W x 14.5D x 14H (cm 51W x 37D x 35.5H)

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