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Mobile Paper Shredding Service

   Document Security Since 1968 - Veteran Owned and Operated

Polar Shredding provides dependable, cost-effective, on-site, and secure mobile paper shredding for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the surrounding areas.

Just a few years ago, only certain types of organizations had to worry about document destruction. Today, almost all do. With the proliferation of identity theft and electronic fraud, organizations, both large and small, must address paper shredding within their organization.

In our paper shredding business we strive for perfection because anything less than 100% destruction will have financial, brand, and business impact. Since we opened our doors in 1968 we have never lost or mishandled a box or piece of paper that was intended to be shredded. Polar Shredding is a security company that thinks, breathes, and ponders ways in which documents can be compromised and figures out way of minimizing the risk.

When your company is ready to destroy its confidential records or data, we will work closely with you in order to provide the best solution for your document destruction needs. We can be of service to you on a regular basis, for scheduled daily, weekly or monthly pickups, or for a one-time purge.

Our secure mobile shredding service handles all your document shredding needs in an easy, affordable way. Our vehicles tear the document at the fiber level into much smaller pieces than most others. In fact, our trucks can easily change the screen size within the shredding system to adjust the particle size of the shredded material. With Polar Shredding as your New Jersey paper shredding company you can be assured that your documents are in secure hands. In almost 50 years of business we have never lost or compromised a document entrusted to us.

Whether you’re located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware, we’re here to provide you with a great paper shredding experience. Paper shredding has never been more secure or cost effective than with Polar Shredding. Call us to set up your shredding service and our highly trained staff will handle all of your document destruction needs!